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Discrimination affects people in different ways. If you’ve been sexually harassed, you may worry no one will believe you. The trauma of racial discrimination, on top of the daily indignities of racism, can feel overwhelming. And managing a disability while fighting for accommodations is often exhausting.

But all of our clients have two things in common: they've been disempowered, and they feel they have to do something about it (even if they’re not sure what). That’s where we come in.

Here’s what it’s like to work with us:

1. Tell your story. 

It starts with a free, private phone consultation. While each person's story is unique, all of our clients have been dismissed and minimized in the past. We recognize the toll that takes, and the difficulty of trusting a stranger with your story. We can’t promise the end result, but we do promise to respect you, hear you, and believe you.

2. Explore your choices.

It’s okay if you’re not sure you want to take action — in fact, we encourage you to keep an open mind. We’ll walk you through potential choices and give you frank advice about the possible outcomes of each one. The law doesn’t recognize every harm, but we do our best to offer everyone actionable suggestions and useful information.

3. Be a partner in the process.

We believe process matters. If you have a legal claim and want to pursue it, and we agree to represent you, our team will guide and support you every step of the way. We’ll pick up the phone when you call, explain what’s happening in everyday language, and give you the information you need to participate in decisions.

4. Decide what justice and dignity mean to you.

Money is never enough. (Although it may be part of case resolution.) Many clients want to protect others, reclaim their self-confidence and personal power, or see that the person who abused their position has to answer for it. You decide what matters, and we’ll strive to achieve that outcome — and help you move towards the future.

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